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Corporate Secretarial



Scope of Services for Corporate Secretarial Engagement


The provision of routine support services and corporate secretarial assistance to the Company includes the following:


(a)The provision of a named company secretary (if required) 


(b) The custody and maintenance of the Company's statutory registers, minute book and other statutory records.


(c) The supervision, preparation and filing of statutory returns of the Company with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).


(d) The safe custody of the Common Seal (if required).


(e) The preparation and maintenance of minutes of meetings of Directors and Shareholders;


(f) Documentation for changes to the Board of Directors and the office of the Secretary, including lodgement of the requisite returns with the ACRA.


(g) Documentation for opening of bank accounts and changes in bank signatories


(h) Documentation for annual general meeting


(i) Preparation and lodgement of the annual return with the ACRA.


(j) The custody and maintenance of the Company's statutory registers and minute book


(k) Reminder on holding of Annual General Meeting


(l) Attending to the Auditors in their annual statutory review of the Company's secretarial records and preparation of the minute representation letter


Non-routine services may be provided when required by the client.


Our fees for the provision of non-routine services will depend on the complexity of the services required and the time needed to attend to the matter. We will be able to provide a quote when the matter arises and more information is available.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further queries.