Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage industry is booming in Singapore, with continuing growth in the number of food and beverage establishments. However, proper guidance is essential to operate a successful business in this industry and to remain competitive. Factors such as cost control, effective marketing and compliance with professional standards are just a few of the challenges businesses face.

Our experience in this sector enables us to go beyond merely helping you to fulfil your statutory requirements. We can support you in driving down costs, improving productivity, and building a business that is sustainable in the long term. Our professionals specialize in robust business planning and systems of internal control, as well as providing outsourcing services that include accounting, corporate secretarial, recruitment, payroll and HR administration.

Our clientele in the industry comprises retail food & beverage outlets, major distributors of wine & liquor, operators of wine bars & restaurants, food caterers and the market leader of the coffee trade.

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Michael Heng

Managing Partner

Malcolm Heng

Audit Partner