It is becoming increasingly evident that healthcare systems around the developed world are facing many similar challenges – demand for higher quality at a lesser cost. Changing demographic profiles, an ageing population, rapidly changing technologies, pharmaceutical developments, regulatory issues and rising consumer demands all create unprecedented fiscal and managerial pressures.

Apart from being a leading medical tourism destination, Singapore is also rapidly becoming a global centre for medical research and education. This generates substantial opportunities for healthcare businesses, but there are also many future challenges. People today can easily travel around the world to take advantage of cost-effective, advanced medical care outside of Singapore. Low-cost destinations with world-class medical capabilities are attracting an increasing number of tourists.

It is key that businesses maintain and develop their competitive advantage. The financial team at HLS understand this. With our expertise, we can help resolve your audit and tax requirements, as well as development a business support strategy that gives you the tools to operate successfully in this competitive market.

Our clientele for the industry comprises medical practitioners, manufacturers and patent holders of medical support equipment, hospital administration and restructuring consultants, dental and medical ancillary support services, laboratories and medical supplies.

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