Lifestyle & Media

The lifestyle and media sector continues to expand in Singapore. Companies are looking for a base in Asia to take advantage of its high-growth market. Singapore provides an attractive solution due to the country’s stand on protecting intellectual property and its telecommunications infrastructure. It also provides a growing talent pool – not just for the creative side, but professionals in areas such as media legal issues.

The lifestyle and entertainment industries create unique and exciting business challenges. Therefore HLS provides a service that is directly tailored to the needs of each individual client. We offer a broad range of financial services, including specialist advice in tax mitigation, intellectual property rights protection and other commercial issues. By working closely with clients, we help them to take full advantage of market opportunities and maximise the value of their ideas.

Our clientele for the industry comprises of advertising, publication, telecommunication-related and lifestyle recreation.

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Michael Heng

Managing Partner

Malcolm Heng

Audit Partner