With a continuous shortage of land in Singapore for industrial use and the rising cost of production, the manufacturing industry is facing ever-increasing challenges. However, it has also continued to expand and offers widening opportunities to businesses. The sector is evolving from a labour-intensive to a research and knowledge-based one.

The costs and rewards of operating in different countries around the world are forever changing. Manufacturers must make increasingly difficult decisions about where to design, make and service products, as well as how to attract a highly skilled and innovative workforce. A weak link in the supply chain could be costly, derailing production or triggering product recalls.

The manufacturing sector therefore requires the support of knowledgeable and efficient finance professionals. The staff at HLS goes beyond merely fulfilling statutory requirements and help clients to perform better, achieving long term business and personal goals.

Our clientele for the industry comprises of vendors and contract manufacturers of electronic components, consumer end products, industrial equipment and frozen foods.

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