Property Development & Construction

In today’s turbulent landscape, the construction industry must contend with increasingly complex challenges, caused by consolidation of the market, increasing costs and manpower issues. These challenges can come in the form of financial risk management and corporate governance, through to regulatory reform, and organizational issues.

With stricter and more intense contract audits by corporate and government entities, the pressure on engineering and construction companies is mounting. This is coupled with highly specialized accounting requirements and complex long term contract issues. Achieving successful results on construction contracts and implementing sound project and cost management has become increasingly important, especially with limited available resources.

These changes represent growing challenges that businesses face, which is why it is important to implement long-term strategies to take advantage of opportunities and mitigate risk. The team at HLS understands this and has the expertise to help you effectively position you company for long term growth and prosperity. We are committed to developing solutions tailored to your needs.

Our clientele for the industry comprises of a number of established mid-sized construction companies active in the industrial and residential sectors. In addition, we also serve property developers of industrial & commercial properties and a number of boutique developers of high end residential developments.

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Michael Heng

Managing Partner

Malcolm Heng

Audit Partner