Wholesale, Distribution & Trading

Singapore is amongst one of the most globally connected cities in the world. Its position as a trading hub is almost unparalleled.

A 2010 World Bank report rated Singapore as the no.2 logistics hub in the world, ahead of Netherlands, Sweden and Asian heavyweights such as Japan, Hong Kong and China.

International trade is a key pillar of the Singapore economy. Strategically situated at the crossroads of the world’s major aviation and shipping routes, the nation’s premier trade hub status is enhanced by our proximity to source and consumer markets, the critical mass of international trading companies based here, and our efficient trade infrastructure and trade support services.

Singapore offers world-class infrastructure and excellent connectivity, a base of leading industry players and customers, as well as thought leadership/knowledge in logistics/supply chain management.

These propositions provide a strong foundation for Singapore as a vibrant, multimodal hub that develops and delivers sustainable supply chain solutions for the global economy.

Generous tax incentives such as the Global Trader Program (GTP) are granted by the government which allows companies on the program to enjoy a concessionary tax rate on qualifying trade income. The program encourages global trading companies to use Singapore as their regional or global base to conduct activities along the total trade value-add chain from procurement to distribution, in order to expand into the region and beyond. Our tax arm, HLS Corporate Tax Advisory Services Pte Ltd has experience and is able to provide advice on the GTP program.

Our clientele include local small and medium sized enterprises engaged in the trading of of consumer, industrial, petroleum and commodity products such as agricultural produce and multinational companies who are market leaders in global trade of rubber, paper and other commodities.

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