We provide a personalised service focused on the needs of our clients. You are our top priority, with direct access to engagement partners and directors who are personally involved in your work. The goal is to provide the best quality service at a very competitive fee.

Most of our clients are owner-managed, growing companies in trading, manufacturing, service, construction, investment holding and not-for-profit organisations.

Apart from local entrepreneurs, our clients include multinational companies from the USA, Europe, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and other South East Asian countries.

Auditors to limited companies (incorporated in Singapore and other jurisdictions) and other entities, e.g. branch of foreign companies, clubs, associations and management corporations, etc.

Attending to the requirements of the Companies Act including the preparation of annual returns, minutes of meetings of shareholders and directors and other statutory requirements.

Preparation and lodgement of income tax returns for limited companies and other entities including individuals, partnerships, management corporations, clubs and associations.

Management and supervision of the entire accounting function in client’s office including when required, provision of accounting personnel.

We are comitted to helping our clients through the digitalisation journey via the use of practical and value for money digital cloud-based solutions that will enable you to enjoy the productivity improvements and lowering costs of operations.

Internal auditing is responsible for evaluating the controls and making recommendations for improvement when controls are not working as intended.

General advice on hiring and termination procedures, and assistance in the application of employment pass.

Financial health and tax compliance check, and development of strategic business plans.

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