Audit & Assurance

Auditors to limited companies (incorporated in Singapore and other jurisdictions) and other entities, e.g. branch of foreign companies, clubs, associations and management corporations, etc.

Exempt Private Company Accounts Review Service – provides a limited level of assurance that the information subject to review is free from material misstatement. This is expressed in the form of negative assurance. Although most significant matters are addressed in a review, the level of assurance provided is less than that of an audit and should be treated as such. The financial statements will be presented in a manner which complies with the Companies Act and the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (FRS).

Exempt Private Company Accounts Compilation Service – financial statements from the client will be collated, classified and compiled in a manner that comply with the requirements of the Companies Act and FRS. No assurance is provided in the report.

Investigation of companies with a view to acquisition or association, i.e. due diligence or for litigation purposes.

Please contact:

Michael Heng

Managing Partner

Malcolm Heng

Audit Partner