Application for Employment Pass

This is what we do for each and every application of employment pass for our clients.


We begin the process with a thorough review of the draft application form completed by the client and the various supporting documents stipulated by the employment pass department.


The materials are evaluated both for their content and completeness. Any shortcomings will be addressed and communicated to the client, together with recommended solutions and further requests of information and documents.

Interview & Analysis

This is followed by an interview with the applicant if he is in Singapore. An analysis of his qualifications, past experience for the job, his job scope in Singapore will be made and effort will be made to find the right ‘fit’ in order to justify the application for the employment pass. The emphasis will be to convince the authorities why the applicant is the best man for the job, and why no other local resident will be able to take the position of this applicant.

Proposal Letter

A proposal letter will be prepared for the applicant, reiterating the positive aspects of his application, which will be submitted together with his application form and supporting documents to the employment pass department.

Follow Through

We will follow up each application all the way through till the letter of approval is received.

Our job is done only when the employment pass is approved.

Please contact:

Michael Heng

Managing Partner

Jenny Heng