Why Singapore?

We are Pro-Business

Singapore has one of the lowest corporate and personal taxes in the developed world.

Government is attuned to needs of business and in particular foreign investors. Many incentives and tax breaks available for high technology startups, investments in bio-technology and other industries.

Corporate governance ingrained in business culture.

Transparent and independent legal and judicial system.

Highly skilled, English speaking workforce.

Low Startup Costs.

We have Excellent Infrastructure

Efficient and affordable islandwide integrated transport system – MRT trains, light rails, buses, taxis and expressways link seamlessly throughout the entire country.

Meticulously planned industrial parks conveniently located next to main arterial expressways away from residential suburbs.

Connectivity to the Region and the World

Changi International Airport – consistently voted one of the best airports in the world with thousands of flights a week linking to over 130 cities in Asia, Europe and America.

PSA – The world’s busiest container port.

Internet Broadband Network – covering 99% of the population.

Good Government

Corruption is almost non-existent, aided by efficient civil service and government bodies.

Stable government – The ruling People Action Party (PAP) has won all or almost all seats in all democratically held elections since 1968.

Clean and Safe Environment

Singapore is known as the “Garden City”. Tree lined streets and lush gardens go hand in hand with wide shopping boulevards and modern skyscrapers.

Tough laws make the city state one of the safest cities in Asia, if not the developed world.

It is a great place to bring up the family.

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Auditors to limited companies (incorporated in Singapore and other jurisdictions) and other entities, e.g. branch of foreign companies, clubs, associations and management corporations, etc.

Attending to the requirements of the Companies Act including the preparation of annual returns, minutes of meetings of shareholders and directors and other statutory requirements.

Preparation and lodgement of income tax returns for limited companies and other entities including individuals, partnerships, management corporations, clubs and associations.

Management and supervision of the entire accounting function in client’s office including when required, provision of accounting personnel.

We are comitted to helping our clients through the digitalisation journey via the use of practical and value for money digital cloud-based solutions that will enable you to enjoy the productivity improvements and lowering costs of operations.

Internal auditing is responsible for evaluating the controls and making recommendations for improvement when controls are not working as intended.

General advice on hiring and termination procedures, and assistance in the application of employment pass.

Financial health and tax compliance check, and development of strategic business plans.

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